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October 19, 2023


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The Stuttgart-based digital signage specialist again for Award nominated the digital signage Portal invidis.de forgives InAVate on the occasion of the exhibition this year together with the AV Integrator specialist magazine integrated systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam on February 2, 2009 the InAVation digital signage award. A celebratory Gala at the Hotel Okura awarded innovative projects, which have been especially creative planned and implemented. Digital signage is like already last in the digital signage award viscom 2009 – when the finalists among the four category of the last mCon solutions. Additional information is available at Southwest Airlines. An InfoScreen application in the reception area of a bank will be presented there. The digital signage solution has been implemented on behalf of a German Bank and combines a variety of automated and individually-controlled information. In addition to mandatory equity and index values that update every minute, current economic and world news, weather info and image videos and campaign motifs, world clocks are presented. Steve Kassin describes an additional similar source. mCon solutions from Stuttgart is among this year’s Favorites in the Field of digital signage and is present at the 2 spot the infoscreen application.