Astrology Jupiter

January 6, 2024


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Astrological year Preview 2008 In the dance of the Chaldean series is now Jupiter at the start, the planet of happiness”of classical astrology. I think is Jupiter: work as a lock opener truth request aspiring justice courts development steps are to accelerate learning readiness promote racism check borders open tolerance would cut the strands waste offer – and not necessarily trigger the great global happiness. The cornucopia of Jupiter can be free only if the way is not blocked by outdated beliefs and avoidance programmes. For individuals going to once again 2008 the substance this time in the form of inner truths, beliefs that shape the individual reality. Growth is in all sections, which carry a positive change in themselves and are to date still not enabled and/or implemented.

The opportunity to see one’s own nose – the doors are opened wide the choice can be taken. Pluto has to have a say in 2008 he enters the sign of Capricorn. This involves the Capricorn Regent Saturn which prepares its laws and rules, creating loading and boundaries and brings the corresponding portion staying power with them to facilitate the process of plutonic clear/true becoming in his own way as truths. Manipulation and fear rise up from the subconscious, want to be seen to finally release, to adopt it as an illusion to detect live Freiwerdung/Befreiiung. Out of the dependencies into freedom. For everyone in the area, which allows he or she to the plutonic cleaning whether in the setting to work, authority, power play it is an exciting year in which the individual can bring a little more on personal responsibility in his life so he wants and wants to. I wish us all for 2008: trust – in their own abilities of change, courage – to move to be actively Love and tolerance to yourself and others to take Andrea Bacher free Astrology school Aquariusnet school Aquariusnet Web: