Account Lotteries

October 12, 2023


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Today is becoming more common that companies organize sweepstakes advertising or promotional purposes with the aim of giving to publicize their products on the market or increase the sales of the same. However, it is less frequent that these companies comply with the legal requirements to carry out this type of action, usually by ignoring the existence of a series of legal obligations in this regard. Specifically, the legal obligations that must meet the above drawings are as follows: 1.-Administrative and fiscal rules to) communication to state lotteries and betting of: administrative burdens that entailed the Organization of such events have been reduced since January 26, 2010 and, to that end, removed the need for the authorization of state lotteries and betting of for the celebration of a sweepstakesthat it has advertising or promotional purposes, provided that the participation is free of charge, in which case the simple prior communication will suffice. The competent body to receive such a communication will be lotteries and bets of the State when the draw is nationwide, i.e. ternet resource. when the promotion is carried out in two or more autonomous communities or when the draw unfolds through the internet or through the use of any means which allow the intervention of the participants regardless of where you are located (such as mobile phone or postal mail).

Instead, where the draw affects a single autonomous community, the body to whom the communication should address shall be who do the times of state lotteries and bets of in said territory. (b) payment of tax rates: the celebration of a lottery produces the accrual of the tax game whose levy will correspond to lotteries and bets of the State or its regional equivalent according to the territorial scope of this sweepstakes. The quoted rate amounts to 10% of the value of the offered prizes (if it’s a national lottery) and between 10% and 15%, according to the territories (in the draws held in an autonomous community).