Xenon Lamps

December 5, 2014


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The standard halogen lamp – a thing not capricious and budget, but the quality of coverage often leaves much to be desired. Going at speed, and tired eyes peer into the darkness. This situation can and must be radically changed. Assistant in this case – Xenon lights. It has many advantages, and most importantly – that it glow better perceived by the human eye. This fact is well known, not in the stone age live. Xenon light source such as hid (High Intensity Discharge) – a discharge lamp, filled with a mixture of inert gases, including xenon. The principle of the lamp is as follows.

At the initial ignition of the lamp to its electrode voltages are connected and under the influence of electromagnetic fields in the lamp bulb starts the ionization process of particles with the formation of a gas-discharge arc. After that, required to maintain the arc voltage is reduced to 80 volts. Unlike halogen lamps with xenon lamps instead of incandescent spiral built two electrodes, which are stationary. At a certain distance from each other filled with gases and metal salts of gas charging tube of quartz glass. With the help of high-voltage pulse gas between two electrodes becomes electrically conductive and is an electrical discharge. Therefore, the xenon lamp is called as lamps, gas discharge.

When The electrons move between the electrodes and electrically charged gas in such a way that this energy is manifested in the form of light. Color temperature of an electric discharge is determined by what a mixture of gases, and what mix metal at the same time apply for these xenon lamps. Color selection is depending on the gas used. hid xenon lamp radiation, emitted by the spectrum closest to the sun's daylight. In result, you get bright illumination and less eye fatigue when driving at night. Xenon lamps have twice as much light intensity as compared with classical halogen, with a much lower current consumption. Along with this they will surely emphasize your car among hundreds of others. In the laboratory, tuning and design Car-Lab you can purchase a set of xenon light for 3000 rubles! He includes: * 2 lamp * 2 blocks ignition * connecting wires and braces. The main characteristics of a xenon lamp: power consumption of 35W 12V input voltage color temperature of 4300K (yellow), 5000K (white), 6000K (white and blue); 8000K (blue) hid lamps can be used in passing beam, driving and fog light without replacing the standard wiring. Currently, xenon lamps are available with virtually all the most common caps: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, H27, 9004 (NV2), 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5), D2R, D2S. The advantages of xenon lamps in comparison with halogen: * large light output due to higher (by a factor of 2-3) versus power flux to the power energy consumption, which provides nearly a twofold increase illumination of the road in the dark * significantly longer life (1000-2500 instead of 300-500 hours) * large economy (35W instead of 55-100W) * stability flux, regardless of possible fluctuations of voltage the car * greater comfort due to excellent visibility of the road at night and in adverse weather conditions, which allows the driver to get rid of undue stress, * vibration resistance (no filament) * lower heating temperature.