Western Europe

March 5, 2013


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One of the key benefits of synthetic ice – the price. In comparison, for those 2 billion rubles, which provides provide for the construction of the Ice Palace in Stavropol, can obrudovat more than 200 (yes, two hundred!) full synthetic ice rinks NHL. The cost of such a rink the size of almost 1,800 sqm with a full layout – approx. 7 million rubles. There is difference? But you can train at the sites and smaller, respectively, and they will cost much less. This will give children the opportunity to even small and remote communities to train almost to the present ice. For example, the value of the site of 200 sqm of ice produced by GSI shall not exceed 1.5 million rubles.

Agree that it's quite the amount of lift, even for a small town. The next advantage of the exclusive Synthetic ice is otstutstvie huge operating costs that are proper and forced Canadians to decide on the replacement of artificial ice on synthetic. Sinteticheskity ice does not require refrigeration and freezers, large amounts of water, expensive equipment for cleaning ice, professional staff, etc. To care for the synthetic ice rink requires only a good vacuum cleaner, and from time to time to wash it, and then only for aesthetic purposes. The synthetic ice rink the size of the NHL can collect / analyze within 1-2 business days, and for its installation requires only a hard, flat surface. GSI produced synthetic ice is not afraid of the sun, neither rain nor snow – so even in the Crimea or Sochi on it you can train all year round! Hockey schools in North America and Western Europe are increasingly using the synthetic ice for training and competition. Can therefore Recently, the growth of professionalism so evident even in the players from Germany? Other than price, of course, the most important issue is the quality of the ice.