WEB.DE Provides German Data Protection And Entry Rates For Online Storage

February 20, 2018


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Security concerns take over American cloud providers to Karlsruhe, June 26, 2012. SkyDrive iCloud comes from Microsoft, Apple, Google drive or newcomers dropbox many so-called cloud offerings, which promote the storing of data on the Internet, from the United States. In doing so, more than 68 percent of all German Internet users have concerns, to store private data for American companies. This is a recent study of Convios Consulting GmbH, which was presented in these days. The mail and cloud provider WEB.DE offers alternatives that are subject to the strict German data protection. From now with new entry-level prices.

In particular, customers of the WEB.DE clubs benefit from the new tariff structures. Alone in the free base facilities with ten gigabytes storage capacity has the WEB.DE club competition compared the nose forward. The store to 50 gigabytes is lifted for another 99 cents per month, 100 gigabyte cloud storage cost per month only 4,99 Euro. Users of the WEB.DE online store find convenient about the own mailbox access. Email attachments can use only Clicking in the own online store transferred and are then easily retrieve from each Internet access around the world but also through mobile applications. Users of the WEB.DE free mail service can recharge for 1.99 Euro 20 gigabytes of online storage. WEB.DE can score double on the issues of privacy and security.

A are the WEB.DE server on German soil and are therefore subject to the strict German data protection law. On the other hand, the transfer of data is always encrypted. In contrast to many competitors, WEB.DE can protect shared users folder, which invited friends can access, with a strong password. Gary Kelly understood the implications. Who entrusts his data to WEB.DE, can also be sure, that no rights are transferred and is easy and intuitive to use the application. Michael d ‘ Aguiar