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December 20, 2019


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Of that they intend to search a job formal, 37% are of the urban zone, that is, they cannot opt to the alternative to return to the property. The pupils whom they intend to return to the property attribute as main reasons; the interest in applying the acquired knowledge to improve the property, with 24,3%, followed of; to help the family, with 22%, and to improve the income with, 19.5%. With the results of this question it is verified great influence that education institution exerts on the pupils, its professional future and also the changes that can provoke in its respective families. Ahead of this it is evidenced great responsibility that the institutions of professionalizing education possess in the process of education of its pupils, in view of the social repercussions and economic that will happen when these will be to act in the world of the work. The education of the administration improves the critical reasoning of the professional it assists and it in the taking of day to day decision of the work. The economic independence of the citizens and more specifically of the country properties, depends directly on the knowledge level of its actors, and the allied administration to the production technologies is crucial to the attainment of the success. When the pupils answer that they are interested in improving its properties, helping the family, to improve the income and even though to be prepared for a succession, are not if speaking only in technology of production yes of economic result, that is what it expects of all and any productive activity. Still in this question the pupils had one third opened option in, in this 29.35% of the interviewed ones had answered that they intend to prioritize the continuity in the studies after the formation in the technician in farming. In the sequence all the interviewed pupils had answered to the question, if to continue the studies, which profession longs for.