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July 19, 2015


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How to assume the responsibilities of our acts? Which the importance of the family? To assume an error and to come back behind are the sufficient to erase the wounds of the past? Which the attitude that the children wait of the parents? What the parents wait of the children? We have that to always correspond what they wait of us? Discrimination suffered for the religious orientation. Collection of behavior, to have whenever to be the example, because of the religion. Moral values. Quarrels had been promoted, with the objective of if reviewing the importance to break limits as a form to conquer something new, or to make new discoveries that could contribute for a collective or individual end. Such as: technological and scientific advances, overcoming of the current condition, limit in addition and responsibility, reflection on how much it is important to have maturity to break paradigms and to consider something new.

Of form playful importance of the limits in the duty and legal relationships was argued it, as well as the importance of the rules that guarantee the maintenance of the beginning of the convivncia and practical the social ones. For this, a called game was used ' ' bandeirinha' ' , where the performance of the judge is basic to guarantee that the game occurs of form joust, beyond playfully demonstrating the invasion of the other in its space and what if it must make to guarantee this space without the due violence. An activity was developed that provided to the adolescents the reflection on the past of each one, the plans for the future, with the objective to promote them it the confrontation of its proper limits, dealing with the administration of its expectations and frustrations, reflecting on the repercussion of its action, lived or dreamed choices, attitudes future consequences. In this meeting a dynamics was used where the young ones if placed in a comfortable position and to the sound of a music calm was invited to be projected in a counted history.