The Chief As A Human Shield

March 31, 2019


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Good bosses are proud to be human shields, absorbing or deflecting discomfort, that interfere with the development of the work of their subordinates. Whether they are originating from outside the company (bad clients) or within the same organization (orders without meaning), allowing the life of its people to be less difficult than it already is. 1. Resist the instincts: here is what I say concern more important good bosses is the workload of subordinates. That coupled with the urgency of making work meetings. If you want to hold his power and show little respect for its people, arrive late to most of the meetings.

But if you want them to be proud of you and do a good job, then begin and end meetings on time. 2. Kevin Plank takes a slightly different approach. Constructive fights in an environment where there is mutual respect, the discussions around the ideas are a means for the development of the organization. Best bosses encourage constructive battles and allow people to feel that it is safe to expose their opinions, even at present of the leader. 3 Interference.

The good head this attentive to Dodge or reduce some practices organizational can be overwhelming. For example: in a company of the performance evaluation took about 02 hours for each worker. That reason to seek the alternative to see if it could get the same results, but in a way more quickly. What took place was an analysis of the assessment (a document loaded with more than 20 items) tab, which was simplified, without losing its importance, achieving the evaluation to be completed in 20 minutes. Kevin Plank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 4 Challenge idiots sometimes there is to deal with other leaders and powerful groups that force people to accept their bad ideas. The question here is: should I decide whether I am or I refuse to such orders. It will depend on what help more to your employees and yourself.