Sustainable Use

February 22, 2018


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Three rooms of the surface of the Land are re-covered by water. It seems incredible to affirm that the world is gives to face a crisis of water supply. But it is accurately this what it is for happening, therefore only one pequenssima part of all the water of the planet Land serves to supply the population. It is a crisis without precedents in the history of the humanity. In world-wide scale, never it had similar problem. The Organization of United Nations instituted, in 1992, the World-wide Day of Water – 22 of March.

The objective of the date is to reflect, to argue and to search solutions for the pollution, wastefulness and scarcity of water in the world all. But it has many other challenges: to know to use it of rational form, to know the cares that must be taken to guarantee the consumption of a water with quality and to search conditions to filter it adequately, in order to take off of it the maximum possible advantage. When the subject is hdricos resources, Brazil is a privileged country. The territory Brazilian withholds 20% of all the water superficial candy of the Land. Most of this volume, about 80%, bes situated in the Amaznia. However, so that this so valuable resource does not finish is necessary that the people do not waste water. It follows aki some tips of as not to waste water: 1 – It does not delay much time in the shower. 2 – It gives attention to the monthly consumption of the water account.

You will be able to discover emptyings that mean enormous water wastefulness. 3 – You can save 16,425 liters of water per year to brushing the teeth, are enough to wet the brush and later closing the tap. He comes back the abriz it to only rinse the mouth and the brush. 4 – He prefers to wash the car with bucket in place of the hose. 5 – Care: Nothing of ' ' varrer' ' yards and sidewalk with spout; it uses the broom. 6 – It uses the machine to wash clothes with the maximum load and prevents the soap excess, that increases the number of rinses. Source: Phil Vasan. 7 – It does not water the plants in the hot hours of the day. The water before evaporates exactly to reach the roots. Based in: Water. Available in: had access in 21 of November of 2009. Available in: had access in 21 of November of 2009.