Sustainable Cities

December 8, 2013


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Before initiating a more concise definition for sustainable cities, we will go to approach a little regarding the History of the cities. The first cities had been formed from the 3000 years 3500 a.C, in the valleys of the rivers Tigre and Eufrates, in the Mesopotmia, and the River Nile, Egypt. But, in fact, comearamm if to only develop in Old Greece. In the current days, the city is, synonymous of slum quarters, pollution of air, violence, unemployment, epidemics, hunger, among others, and the field, consequently, also acquires another image: of exportation agriculture. The time passes and the man not if of the account that is not you of the nature, but mere slave of its will! How much to the sustainable cities, these are exactly the opposite of the current cities, since they present one better possibility of quality of life for the population.

Amongst some differentials in this direction, we can cite, for example, the selective garbage collection, existing in this city more ideal than real. The largeness of Brazil how much to natural resources that it possesss, make with that let us believe that these seem inexhaustible; great deceit. We must open the eyes and to be well intent how much to our attitudes, from the opposite, we will be able to suffer serious damages and still to compromise the survival of the future generations. Sustainable consumption in turn means to know to use, of conscientious form, the natural resources, in the direction to satisfy our necessities, but without compromising the next generations. That is, dictated old valley that popular one: ' ' to know to never use for faltar' '. this does not demand a great effort, only more attention with what it is to our redor. At last, a sustainable city is that one that it knows to use its resources without having its parked development, and mainly without harming the environment and its inhabitants, whose quality of life must be always in ways to improve. P.s to want to visit Work Complete have access: