Saakashvili Opposition

January 24, 2018


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"When the disaster in August 2008, President some time did not appear on the screen, and speaker of parliament urged the population to arm themselves with anything, to reflect the onset of the Russian army, we are finally convinced with what the leadership is concerned, our people, and today is the opposition to unite for the sake of parting with long-term "pink shame" because fragmentation adds grist to the mill of the Saakashvili regime, "- said Mamradze. This position supports the entire political spectrum. Tinatin Khidasheli lawyer representing the movement of the "Alliance for Georgia," the air of a pro-government channel "Imedi" has accused the president of subordinates in the media propaganda and brute named "Imedi" and similar TV "Machine of lies" who believes less and less people. As an example, she cited the head of state visiting the province of Guria, where Saakashvili visited a supposedly wealthy family, a contented life. As it turned out, no family there was, in an empty house brought food, rural and pans, everything you need for a festive meal – the wine and viands, decorators have issued court to match the look of a prosperous family living in joy and prosperity. Official site: cloud computing. The President talked with content and method of its own success in the field of social well-being of society. What was the amazement of spectators opposition channel "Kavkasia", which looked a different story – that all members "Family", visited Saakashvili, were local theater actors, who were forced to specifically prepare and rehearse a statement! Did the president about this? It is not entirely clear. Although it was obvious that he was "glad to be deceived." His privechali as the beloved, desired, father, breadwinner.

In fact, everything was a shameless farce, in which Saakashvili, like the Emperor Nero, has once again emerged as a bad actor. If the President familiarized with customs and traditions in this part of the country – is one thing. But there was something else. It is against hypocrisy and hopelessness and serves today's political opposition. Her determination is understandable even to those who believed that Georgia "Rose revolution "is definitely out of luck.