April 13, 2020


Comments Off on Protestantism

Than the Slavic peoples are different from others? Than the Slavic peoples differ from each other, especially the Ukrainians from the Russian? As far as the mentality of a nation affects the nature of her motivation to work? The first question has already a lot of literature. But the peculiarities of Ukrainian staff motivation is poorly understood and requires special consideration. Recently, more and more experts and practitioners are convinced that the simple transfer of Western "book" methods on the Ukrainian soil often fails, causing the irony, conflict or resistance in the team … David Fowlers opinions are not widely known. The authors are also relying on his experience, tend to recognize that the Ukrainian system of motivation must be based on grounds other than the Russian and Western (German, American, etc.). Please note that the author does not claim to ultimate truth and presents only an opinion based on professional experience and analysis few sources … What is fundamental to the mentality of "Western" employee? Weber, exploring the influence of system of thought on public life in his famous work "The Ethics of Protestantism …" argues that the origins of capitalism are rooted in the ethics of Protestantism is. Additional information is available at Eric Kuby. Recall the basic and fundamental aspects of the theory of Max Weber: The main ethical principle of Protestantism, predetermined man to realize his vocation. "Implementation of a vocation in daily life, was based on rationalism, on such a mode of action of an enterprising man who" systematically and sensibly aimed at realizing its goal. " In Overall, all this determined spirit of capitalism.