Positive Transformation

April 25, 2018


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Studying the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and the use of Scientology services is Heribert nuns a winner in life now after Heribert had completed his training as the Diplom-Ingenieur nuns, he belonged to the introvertiertesten, isolated, or loneliest men would have to be found. He says about themselves today. “I had a friend or two, if at all. I remained for me”, says the nuns.

“My job as a clerk in the public service, I went straight home and sat in front of the TV.” In 1976, nuns ventured a honest, hard look at his existence and decided that he must change. He entered Church Frankfurt for the communication course in Scientology. The results were huge for Heribert nuns. “I was now much more able to approach people and say hi, here I am “, explains nuns. “And when I became aware of my surroundings to me, I suddenly understood Hey, that dude over there needs help. Previously would I him not even noticed, not to mention, to feel compassion or even responsibility for his well-being.” He continued his studies and the pastoral care offered in Scientology and his life is changed to the better. To his own surprise, he discovered his natural talent for the sale.

With his newly awakened interest to its environment he moved gentle products from his quiet desk job to a marketing specialist for the environment. His most recent project he became the intermediary between engineers with new innovative ideas and investors with social conscience. Since 1988, Heribert is married with his wife Monika nuns (59). “We have a blended family with 5 children. These are today even adults, are good in life and have given us 5 grandchildren. Although we have gone many years through thick and thin, we feel still like young lovers. We flirt even with each other, so how completely at the beginning of our love.” After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (2001), had to educate the couple to Volunteer Ministers of Scientology Church.