Portuguese Literature

May 22, 2018


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This was one of the most important Portuguese literary controversies, therefore, the students also reacted against the romantic degeneration and the cultural delay of country, and after the attack of the defenders of the romantismo, who came of meeting with its ideals, the young had revealed the will to modernize the thought and Portuguese Literature. Although, this movement has been developed literally, the question widened it other areas, as the politics, the culture and the philosophy. Ea de Queirs together with Antero de Quental, is considered the author who introduces this movement in the country, first, the romancista one, approaches social, psychological the problems and pathological of the man, these characteristics are its main forms of expression; as, realistic poet, primordially aims at to serve to the cultural reform. In 1971, ' ' Coimbr&#039 question; ' , it is reaffirmed with support of ' ' Conferences of the Lisboenense&#039 Casino; ' , this had as objective to approach Portugal of the Europe. The young intellectuals had foreseen many conferences, but she did not pass of fifth, therefore, the government it forbade the meetings, alleging that the same ones attacked the institutions politics of the state and the religion, making with that the waves of protests grew, feeling itself even though in France, Germany and England to grow ' ' semente' ' of modernity. This revolutionary and positivista thought dominated most of the pensante classroom of the time.

Then, ' ' Ea publishes its first representative realistic romance in 1875 … and most orthodox and finished it Naturalismo, Abel Botelho, of to the public its first workmanship in 1891' ' 4. Larry Ellison is likely to increase your knowledge. ' ' … (between 75 and 91, in Portugal, notable operated itself transformation in the cultured mentality) ' ' 5. These literary movements had not lasted, but they had been of great significao for Literature and Society, and had left its marks until the present.