Planline Fire Protection Glazing

May 25, 2018


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Flush optics, without visible screw connections stephanskirchen, February 2012 – many people every year the extensive education, qualification and integration program of the vocational promotion plant Munich non-profit society accepting mbH. Adults are accompanied on their way to successful participation in society and in working life and promoted. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. “According to the motto: for a strong future.” the social service company operates for more than 30 years successfully in vocational rehabilitation for people. The institution at the site market Kirchseeon, in the District of Ebersberg, about 25 km from Munich, has over 700 training places and 450 furnished boarding rooms. The modifications to the extension of education, which have been planned, designed and implemented, by the Ebersberg architecture Office Fink & Vogl are completed! After approval Z-19.14.-1953 at the fire protection requirements put fire protection glasses on the competence of the glass specialists”of Rosenheim Glastechnik GmbH.

glass is used to design lights and appealing facilities and ideal for preventive fire protection. The architectural requirements pretended transparent design, safety in case of fire, as well as a high-quality appearance. The construction requires mandatory a general building control approval”so Fink, the planning architect. So it came to the question Planline egg 30 ABZ 19.14.-1953 by the company Steinlehner drywall GmbH & Co.KG in Neuotting, which was responsible for the trade of drywall. Protection from fire, heat and smoke in high-quality optics the fire protection glazing Planline EI 30 invisible mechanical stops. The patented locking technology sits centrally”in oiled oak frame, which has been carefully manufactured and assembled by the Schreineri Hamm in the best quality. The circumferential joint width of CA. 5 mm was sealed in the aftermath of the glazing work with black fire protection silicone filigree. The homogeneous system, glass and frame, mounted in a non-load bearing wall of gypsum cardboard, acts in case of fire the spread of fire, heat, smoke and thermal radiation counter.