Glossy Stretch Ceilings

October 10, 2013


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The glossy stretch ceiling – the most modern type of ceiling system made of PVC and a baguette. Due to the unique structure and image effects such stretch ceiling, your interior will get the brightness, literally shining space, the room will breathe new life! Design potolkovporazhaet stretch the imagination of even the most demanding and sophisticated buyers – there are over 100 kinds of shades of colors from the set manufacturers. Leader in Europe for the production of high-quality glossy stretch ceiling is considered to France, made only high-tech and durable stretch ceilings, the original and dazzling brilliance that lasts for more than a decade, and the total duration of use – more than 25 years! Primenyayutsyaglyantsevye stretch potolkipreimuschestvenno in rooms with low ceilings, where required visually enlarge their area and with mirror effect to lift and brighten them: in any houses, buildings, country houses, movie theaters and studios, and are a perfect solution for clubs, restaurants and cafes. You can also use multilevel stretch potolkidlya zoning premises, ie Establishing clear its borders – this may be a combination of matte and glossy (mirror) of PVC film. About what ceilings are better judges each one individually, but currently the most popular won the so-called seamless lacquered ceilings width up to 3,5 meters, again, the French manufacturers. Other companies are much smaller than the width of a no range. The advantages of glossy stretch ceiling: u luxurious appearance, efficiency and durability of more than 25 years; u Your new ceilings now look much higher; u shades, light and texture to suit every taste; u Protection against dust and noisy neighbors; u Virtually unlimited scope; u Easy construction material; u load more than 100 gallons of water flooding of neighbors; u Hide all defects ceiling, including wiring; u Quick and easy assembly / disassembly; u 100% protection against fungi and mold; u absolutely nonflammable finishing material; u meets all norms, standards and requirements; u Recommended for child care and hospitals; u Compliance with environmental standards, safety class M1. Specifications glossy stretch ceiling characterized the most common width, is 2 meters.

Your imagination not limited to color and level of future ceiling, thus encouraged an individual approach – your ceiling can be a colorful and multi-layered. Weight of PVC film is 230g/m2 and a thickness equal to only 0.17 mm. Glossy stretch ceilings are unique – they are made of noncombustible material. In unheated rooms set these ceilings are not necessary, as changing the properties of PVC and it becomes brittle. But it is worth a little increase the temperature, and your film regains its original properties. Stretch ceilings are made of heat resistant material – even at a temperature of 90 C of their properties do not change. While use of materials this article link to a site is obligatory.

Ecuadorian Life

October 3, 2013


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The logic, for example, asks respect the approach of its premises. Not say that Colombia, which their castes nineteenth century rulers configured, it’s a piece of continental homeland lost for not plunge us into a pessimistic foam; but must not ever forget us It has belonged in soul, really, not even during the era of Bolivar, Santander also season, when he began to materialize as a stateless person, traitor and counterrevolutionary government system. With all his love integrationist, Bolivar wanted us to call Colombians, but left in it, life in the bosom of a Colombia already hopelessly santanderista and given to the design of a new force imperialist foreign, rather than the old Spanish evicted. Almost like a sarcasm of life, of deep historical symbolism, Bolivar died on their land, same that bloomed all things against which in life struggled: social oppression, colonial oppression, exploitation of man by man, terrible caste of social differentiation, and where the Sun of today continues this very lush garden. Colombia today is the birthplace of counter-revolution, seat of the antibolivarianismo, imperial protectorate of the United States, 7 foreign military garrisons, wedge against the integration database Latin American, devastating spirit contranacional and ideals. Hugo Chavez, by his side, embodies the opposite, is a Bolivarian spirit, of those killed in the body of Bolivar in his time how pretend to fit in the center of the moral antonymy? The protests of the premises and the logics can be heard. It must be present today and for a long period of time, according to the enclave that has practiced the Empire of the United States on their lands (military bases, financing), that Colombia is a country lost for the cause, almost enemy unless his people plain, equal to the Venezuelan, Ecuadorian or Peruvian, always needed independence. Believing otherwise, anchored in a noble desire not to recognize realities, is losing the only defenses that provides live in modern, to Greek, no gods, as we said, only delivered to our own and rational designs.


September 26, 2013


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Get small jobs independent, but do not even say that these next to leave the company. You do not give away your work if you’re good at something, you have to charge for this. We know how exciting it is to make our first Freelance jobs and that they are sometimes made to friends or known, but as independent professional or not, you should give you all the possible value to your work, and form this habit from the start helps to create a healthy and high self-esteem professional of our capabilities. No values your work by how much or little that will cost you, but by the final result of your inspiration and ability. Organizes an impressive portfolio definitely is the first task to perform. We must sort, classify and highlight those jobs more important and representative of our style and ability.

A portfolio sorted by project type allows to make quicker, more accurate and stunning exhibitions to our potential clients and allows to expose the variety of assignments of the we are able. Avoids the temptation of investing more at the beginning you don’t obsessions by making excessive preparations in equipment, furniture and other supplies, remember that you must be prepared to optimize the use of your financial resources, buy only essential items to properly develop your service without falling into temptations impulsive and without purpose practical in work that you develop. A mattress financial (savings) will give us the necessary tranquility to inspire us and to optimally develop our first projects as a Freelance full time, because we will keep away from us that anxiety that arises when we begin to see that our financial liquidity is low. Perfect your English do not settle with the knowledge of technical English that you possess, you must schedule a curriculum that takes you to its learning and mastery in the medium term.

Italian Prime Minister

September 20, 2013


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The goal is to move from a deficit of 3.9 percent this year to another 1.4% in 2012. It also aims to soothe restlessness in markets. It is afteracquired with a 5% income per year that exceed the 90,000 euros and with a 10% exceeding 150,000 euros. The Italian Government on Friday at an extraordinary Council of Ministers approved a new plan of budgetary adjustment of about 45,500 million euros, which aims to ease the concern of the markets on the situation faced by the country’s public finances. With this package, which includes both as tax-saving measures, the Executive expects sanitized accounts of Itali a, whose public debt exceeds 120% of GDP, and thus achieve budgetary balance by 2013. A text in line with the demands made in Italy by the European Central Bank (ECB) in exchange for the purchase of its public debt to relieve the pressure of the markets on the country, said the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, during the press conference after the meeting. Is expected that said adjustment reach 20 billion euros in 2012 and 25,500 billion in 2013, in a performance that will get resources mainly from spending cuts, as explained by the Italian Minister of economy, Giulio Tremonti, in the same appearance before the media. With this new package of measures, the Government aims to move from a deficit of 3.9 percent expected for this year, another 1.4% in 2012, prelude to a balancing of accounts in 2013. The package, approved in Decree law by the Council of Ministers, will now turn to Parliament for ratification and, according to Italian media, could reach the Senate on 22 August. Berlusconi underlined that it was not necessary to submit the text to a matter of trust during the parliamentary proceedings, in accordance with the wish expressed by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, to be able to maintain a debate open to all political forces.

The Following

September 8, 2013


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A not satisfactory employment: you know that not you want to but you do nothing to fix it. A couple inconvenient: someone with whom you have a lousy relationship, but tolerate fear to stay alone, to change or to confront him. Talk with someone who treats you in a way that bothers you. Wear the clothes to the laundry Do review your car Clutter on your desktop Develop your financial report Write the pending report frequently those things that you have pending, they worry you so much that they prevent that you focus on your job properly and will force you to invest additional time worrying by everything there is to do, by dates of maturity, or to resolve what is complicated not be cared for in a timely manner. How to solve the concern is not a method to solve outstanding things to change I propose the following: 1. Define what you have is pending.

2 Identifies the action specific you must do to fix it. 3 Define a maximum date that you agree to do so. 4. Launch the defined action. Ntas tools I invite you to use a 3 column format, the first record that you uncomfortable, the second action that you must perform to solve it and in the third, the date in which you agree to resolve it, to make an inventory of what steals your energy, download your concerns there and undertake actions to change your life.

Use blades that are necessary, write down clearly what you have pending, not to use phrases such as pay services or make calls employs best: pay the water bill or call John to discuss the twentieth issue when you’ve completed the inventory, check that you can solve immediately and get it. See if there is anything that you can delegate and delegate it, finally revises which of the outstanding things require actions further, in that case what should be the appropriate action. Finally define a realistic date in which you commit to fix it. Use this form to record the new things that arise and can not respond immediately, periodically review, eliminates the things that are already resolved and those who have left have importance, adjusts the dates that you have pending and acts to resolve them.

Source Irrigation

August 26, 2013


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Another factor for not wasting water is in the irrigation system that we use. We generally use the manual watering, but there are other mechanical methods that allow the saving of water. The first is that it is commonly used in all the houses, we simply load a container (a bottle, a pitcher, a kettle, etc.) and we pour water into the pots in direct form. For this system, there are some considerations that may be useful, such as for example the use of a shower (or any household item which) work similarly, as it can be boring a bottle cap and irrigate with that) so that the water falls as rain and without violence. In my case, sometimes even irrigation with a spray bottle or vaporizer (the one that is used for hair or clothes). In addition, for the same reason, it is best done as closely as possible (many times by not leaning, sheds much height water and this breaks ground, splashing water (and nutrients, etc.).) In what refers to where water, we must avoid wetting the leaves, is irrigated around the plant. But in addition to the manual, there are different mechanical systems of irrigation, in some cases with greater capacity for water saving and maintaining humidity, in addition to other advantages. Obviously, each which has its pros and cons, so ideally, you find the suitable for our situation (availability of time, financial resources, access to water, etc.) The idea is to go by presenting them with the time; in the next installment, drip irrigation.


August 20, 2013


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The flowers have a great significance in the life of the people by its colors, flavors, shapes and values that can be expressed; but they also have a great relevance the appearance of flowers in dreams, post that depending on the flower, its color and display mode is indicated a meaning of flowers in dreams. An overview of the meaning of flowers in dreams, when they appear in dreams full of colors, they act as a representation of kindness, compassion, sensitivity, pleasure, beauty and of obtaining profit. Stressing on the characteristic of perennials and flowers full of colours in the occurrence of dreams, on many occasions this represents expressions of love, of joy and happiness; they can also be a sign of perfection through the spiritual search. The meaning of flowers in dreams when they are of different kinds, colors and shapes, serve as a representation of the output of a given economic situation, giving way to the change in the financial situation, which means great improvements, abandoning the concerns that mean bad economic situations. In those cases in which the flowers appear in dreams in a State I wither or as if they were dead, the meaning of this will be the arrival of different situations that have caused great disappointment and sadness. These same wilted flowers in dreams can also have as meaning that in real life that has not made use of the full potential that it has, because of different factors, is because such potential or there is some thing that limits make use of all the capabilities that are unknown. In those cases in which within a dream a person performs a gift such as a bouquet of flowers, this means that such a person has respect for one, since the delivery of a bouquet of flowers, is a sign of respect, like that of admiration and recognition towards the person who makes delivery.

In dreams in which flowers occur in the middle of a desert, or on any type of terrain that does not have fertile ground, such floral presence conditions has the value that despite major problems and the influence of people who seek to do evil and make more difficult the situation, thanks to the energy and positive attitude that has will overcome all the obstacles that arise along the way. Within a dream, flowers are being collected, if to present a unique opportunity in life and that therefore cannot be escape, as it may lead to losing money to the abandonment of such an opportunity. When is this dreaming with a large plot, full of mud, dirt, without any kind of vegetation and time note that the growth of flowers gives, its value within the life may mean that you will have a sad experience and caused great sorrow, but with great strength and willingness to address such a situation, is achieving positive change the negative effects.

Peruvian Government

August 13, 2013


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Exporting companies of Peru are a local economic context in continuous improvement. More can ask the Peruvian exporters? Surely a lower rate of inflation (which will probably be achieved in 2009) and greater access to funding. Moreover, the conditions for them are more than conducive to grow. As comment on them in the last article on Peru, the international crisis is not concerned about Peru, that it thinks only grow, the international financial crisis while it will have some logical effect on the Peruvian economy, is not a topic that will generate great concern since it is with a great strength to deal with it. In fact, already estimated that the Peruvian economy could grow by 9.5% this year and between 6% and 7% for 2009. Thus, in 2009, the Peruvian economy will enjoy one of the highest rates of economic growth in the region. While economic growth was not affected by the crisis, currently remains one of the major challenges for the Peruvian Government the control of inflation, which has been increased this year by external factors. In October, the rate of retail inflation was 0.61%, accumulating in the year a 5.94% (and a 6.54% in interannual variation).

The inflation target is in the range of 1.5% 3.5%, so for the second year will not be fulfilled (in 2007 the inflation rate was 3.93%). It is worth clarifying that the inflation level reached in October responds mostly to the impact of the devaluation of the Peruvian pricing currency and not to the same dynamics of pricing problems. Beyond the current inflationary problem future prospects in terms of prices not generate major concerns since factors that have pressured them to rise, have been significantly reduced. With an economy showing strength, growing with a monetary policy that is heading back to keep the inflation rate under control, and interesting prospects for development, Peru appears as a great attraction of investment.

Access Control

July 26, 2013


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Monitoring during the 2010 services security guards has been the most demanded service in the directory of security companies. Soloseguridad.NET currently has more than 2150 registered companies, which offer services of surveillance, security cameras, fire detection, and any service related to security. Monitoring services receive the greater part of the portal applications. As previously mentioned, security guards received 22% of requests, security personnel 10%, Access Control and escort 7% respectively. In total, 52% of applications for security go towards works related to security personnel. Since it is a profession with high demand, the State has scheduled 7 calls for selection of escorts and security guards.

These calls are to perform physical tests and are held in some cities in the State. Madrid and Barcelona have been the two provinces with more requests. This is mainly due to these two provinces grouped most of security companies registered on the portal. Within the directory, there is a section with security offerings. Discounts can be found in installation of alarms and CCTV, special promotions of security and any offer that the companies want to publish. Source: Press release sent by jujuy.

Promotional Logistics

July 25, 2013


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Gupost, direct and promotional Marketing solutions specialist and carrier Celeritas have just signed an agreement to join forces within the promotional Marketing. Through this agreement, Gupost organizes and provides the material of your promotional campaigns and Celeritas will pay for transportation and final distribution, with deals both on-site and through the network of collection points that work, reaching in brief, a thousand points thanks to the agreement signed by the carrier with the National Federation of mixed receptors (Fenamix). The objective of this Alliance will be to offer integrated solution for campaigns of direct marketing, promotions, etc. Thus Gupost/Celeritas services will be oriented to provide an integration of different channels in a single interlocutor with own means: graphics solutions, mailing, data bases, outosourcing, logistics, b2b/b2c tranport, etc. Gupost has a staff of 700 employees, offering comprehensive service with different Multi-channel communication tools, offering services from advice on the multichannel strategic approach, analysis and processing of databases, design, graphic arts, Mailing, printing online, capture data, document management, Contact Center, studies etc. It has a presence in 17 provinces with more than 35,000 m2 of warehouses. For its part, the company carrier Celeritas is recently developing its activity in e-commerce, giving service to various online outlet stores.