New Will

March 26, 2018


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Some rules If, however, we intend to search Biblical a science more satisfactory, is necessary to verify, initially, with which certezas we will go to work. Either in (reverse speed) the reading of the text, in the valuation of the findings or for any suggestion of interpretation, she will be necessary that it is approved, not only for the confrontation with the Writing and the world that we know, but, above all, for the bolter of the agreement. Source: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. We do not have to accept something as true, because always it are only accepted as true ( if it has been thus, is because it has thus of being). If God in gave the understanding capacity to them, must use it, to understand what he is given in them to understand; thus, if the texts exist so that they are understood is necessary to look for to understand them. We do not have restricting in them only to the specific texts of each subject, but she is necessary to search in the entire Bible elements that can assist in the understanding of the events in question (the Old Will must be used to understand the salvation of the New Will and, vice versa, the New Will must be used to understand the described creation and the sin in the Old Will). If the Bible says to be the Word of God and if God says to be the truth, then what he is written he must be true; if, in contrast, the text not to seem true is because, in this in case that, it has not been obtained to understand it adequately, being thus, is necessary to insist on its understanding, instead of discarding it as false. If God created the world and also created the Bible, then it must allow to be investigated as he has been investigated the world today, by the agreement methods that are to our reach in the interpretation: ) she is necessary that she has consistency in the affirmations: if a thing is, then in fact it is; that is, if somebody says that it loads a rock I do not have to imagine that it loads a plant; b) coherence in the exposition: if a thing is, will have to continue being what it is, and not another thing? a rock will be always a rock and, c) consequence in the succession of the events: if to leave of being what it is, then will have of being another thing: a worn out rock will not be more rock, and yes sand.