Modern Money

April 24, 2011


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Deneg.Ponyatie modern world of money every day we are dealing with the concept of money. And always depend on them. These small pieces of paper define prosperity of the family, the consistency of the firm, welfare state. The power of modern money – that they can buy any item, use the various services to build a factory or a stadium, to erect any other buildings. And that's not all that capable of modern money. Try to compare candy with a bridge or a pencil with a bicycle.

Nothing happens. After all of these things entirely comparable. And with the world of money, such comparisons are possible, is only expressed in rubles or dollars, the price of each. Because Modern money has an amazing feature – are a measure of the value of all goods, all kinds of services. The concept of money is so deeply imbedded in our lives that can affect behavior and mood of millions of people. In one case, they help to develop the production of goods and trade, science and culture in the country. In another case, when the government can not control their production, the economic life in the state dies, the prices of goods grow, the population in misery. So how do you treat the world of money? What's more, good or evil – they bring to people? Does money always existed? Always there were the same as now? And as for centuries influenced the destiny of nations? On These and many other questions related to the world of money in the history of mankind, you can find the answer.