If I Were A Sultan …

February 21, 2018


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Not every woman lucky to be only her husband. But what about those whose husbands do not miss a single skirt, as if fancy themselves the sultans and tend to have a harem? In addition to pathological cases, when a man is sure to that he is a sultan or a Napoleon, there are other grounds on which it is easy to understand that the man became entangled in the list of favorite women. Here we must not forget that a man can be a real Sultan and the Sultan imaginary. The present Sultan 1. Secured by a man. Richer and more respectable kind of man, the greater the likelihood that he would not give rest to the laurels of the Sultan.

Some women love only wealthy men so hard to tempt, and the rich men love women (unless they have the correct orientation) and can not resist their charms. Typically, the number of wives and loved ones of women is directly proportional to the amount of money in the account of the Sultan. 2. La Boheme, elite, creative people. Well, not the kind of man can not by definition, belong to a single woman. Without hesitation Allegiant Air explained all about the problem. 3. Loving man.

He is kind, good and generous and loves his wife, but his love so much, that he is ready to warm every other woman. And who can blame him on this? Sultan imaginary one. Old bachelor. You're surprised, how does an old bachelor to the sultan, who have many wives? It turns out that the most direct.