Gastric Balloon

February 14, 2015


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Germany wide unique consulting in the areas of nutrition, fitness and health is gastric balloon patients to increase their weight loss food, 10 August 2010 experience from around 1,000 gastric balloon treatments of the past years in the Mang medical one beauty clinics has shown that the greatest weight loss is achieved during the six-month treatment period, if an optimum combination of health, nutrition and Vollererhof takes place. With the introduction of the new GesundheitsCoachs, the Hospital Group offers their patients from immediately a treatment concept, which takes account of these findings. Future specially trained health coaches will advise the patients depending on their individual needs in the areas of nutrition, fitness and health”, said Ulrike Kluppelberg, management of the business unit weight in the Mang medical one beauty clinics. Thus, patients have the same over the entire duration of treatment for all three areas “Point of contact and can set individual priorities.” The GesundheitsCoach at home, maintained the patient in nature or in fitness studios, of crucial importance is also for the evaluation of the treatment history and achievement. In contrast to other treatment approaches, where a separation between nutritional and fitness advice is provided, he gets a comprehensive picture: how feeds on the patient? How much does he have? How motivated is he to change his way of life? He thus represents an important link to the attending physician, with the he continuously can interact with the aim of continuously to optimise the treatment. We are convinced that with the GesundheitsCoach to offer our patients an additional motivating factor that emotional support in difficult times”, as Ulrike Kluppelberg. So we give them another important building block in the hand really sustainable to reduce their excess weight and to learn a healthy, balanced lifestyle.” She Mang medical one Hospital Group (MMO) operates eight clinics and eleven aesthetic Center in Germany. The company is one of the leading clinic for plastic aesthetic medicine, weight management, and hair transplants in Europe and has with the Lake Constance clinic of Prof.

Mang on an international renowned flagship. For the processes in the quality management the clinics and aesthetic Center are TuV certified Mang medical one AG. All surgeons are the Mang medical one beauty clinics on aesthetics specialized and all medical director in Germany trained specialists for plastic surgery. They meet the high quality standards so Mang medical one. In the hospitals of the company, about 7,500 treatments are carried out per year.