Free SMS

March 4, 2018


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Other countries Free SMS or send SMS free has been famous for a long time. Finally arrives this service free in Spain. It was already rather than delayed! In Spain the phones costs are much more higher than in other European countries. In general send a sms here costs about 15-25 cents. Despite the costs for mobile operators that is almost a theft (send SMS only spends 1/1000 of a minute of a call data). Why free SMS sending will be very welcome to the Spaniards. As does a free send sms? It is very easy: A page offers free SMS and are instead taught advertising to refinance those.

Usually revenues are sufficient to cover the cost of SMS messages. This ensures, that the SMS are offered free and that this remains so. Clear that also there are disadvantages of free sms messages. The page shipping cannot ensure, that sms are truly reaching their destinations. Often the sms are sent by sms foreign routes and therefore can messages sms are lost in the Road.

But luckily most of the sms arrives. But beware! Subscriptions are sometimes hidden behind the pages, only seem to free. Why is preferred pages, in which there is no register or move your data.