Clarice Lispector

May 22, 2018


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For it, does not have secret in the process of psychological association that generates the conscience flow, because it goes disclosing to the reader all the incidents, images and emotions that successively perpassam and flow. It constantly guides the reader until the interior of the conscience of Ana, oportunizando to discover it and to analyze what he is transferred that way, or in another perspective, pointing the exterior incidents that stimulate and agitate the interior world of this personage, as we can see in its you speak: In the deep one, Ana always has necessity to feel the root firm of the things … still had time to think for as that the brothers would come supper? the heart beat to it violent, spaced … the world if becomes of new a new malaise … It loved the world, loved what it are bred? it loved with mourning (LISPECTOR, 1998, P. 20, 21, 22, 26). 3.CONSIDERAES FINAL Adhering to the boarding on ' ' The rhetoric of silence in Clarice Lispector' ' displayed for the cited writer to follow, we notice in the story ' ' Amor' ' , from the conflicts of Ana, who, …

silence … is gone elaborating gradually to the shade of the word … the author operates in the upright … in a frustrate attempt to capture something that not yet was said … silence is identified with the stranger, as what it exceeds that one that it enunciates, but that still it is, becoming a clear aluso in such a way to the unconscious one, how much the God (Waldman, 1997, P. 8-9). Valley to detach that this silence strict is broken by the aesthetic musicalidade that, automatically, becomes implicit in the workmanship, being able to be perceived by the reader. In what it says respect to ' ' Saturn dialectic: small theoretical sketch on melancolia' ' , designated for the writer, below cited, I evidenced that the cold and melancholic character of the narrator of the story in emphasis not if of ' ' …