Blue Water

March 10, 2017


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In turn the State legislature, through the presidency of the house, if manifest ahead of the made request, expressing that in files of legal documents of the process a map of the urban nucleus of Parauapebas was contained, but that they were disabled to send it due to physical dimension of the related map, but however, would send a copy of the representation of the voters of the localities of Parauapebas and Curionpolis. In 09 of November of 1987, after six months, the CMM approve and authorize the rise of locality of Parauapebas to the city condition. The project was of authorship of Onias councilman Blacksmith Days. In the act of the accomplishment of this session the state deputies Haroldo Bezerra and Carlos Cavalcante were gifts, being that the respective members of the house of representatives were considered ' ' verdadeiros' ' authors of the lawsuit that, for requirement of the law, had of being presented to the CMM, being thus this were directed by the above-mentioned councilman. The Haroldo member of the house of representatives Heifer assumed the coordination politics of the process.

In interview granted to the periodical Post office of the Tocantins Haroldo Heifer he says that the voting represented ' ' a victory for that community that, emancipated, would have in its territory the Project of Carajs Iron, To yield 1, 2 and 3 and the Blue Water town of the Norte' '. It detaches despite, in this exactly period was happening emancipatrios movements in varies localities southeastern Paraense, to start for: Parauapebas, Curionpolis, Good Jesus of the Tocantins, Great Heath, Are Joo of the Araguaia, Tucum, Ourilndia and Santa Maria of the Barriers, in Santana of the Araguaia. These processes met at this time, in phase of approval of the stage of authorization of the State legislature for accomplishment of the plebiscites for the electoral Regional court, for after that being approved the law project final. Hewlett-Packard Co. oftentimes addresses this issue.