Arab Cultural Circle

April 1, 2018


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Water pipes are a real export success in the Arab world. Water pipes are an important part of the Arab world for many centuries, and in recent years they could conquer the world market. The demand for these products is huge and more and more people begin to explore the water pipes for themselves. But contrary to all speculation arose the hookah on the Indian subcontinent, where it was developed many centuries ago but not in the Orient. There you will use them to the consumption of various plant parts and with water, the smoke was filtered and also cooled, so he was very pleasant to take.

Coconut shells, bamboo sticks were put in which to transport the smoke served as a water reservoir for the then water pipes. From here came the shisha in the Arab world, where the water pipes became then very quickly known. Before them, but could evolve into an export hit, yet some centuries had to pass. With globalization came also the various contacts between the Cultures, which are then also further intensified. You became interested in then fairly quickly for the respective culture and adapted too many different things. The hookahs were one of those things that very well in Europe, arrived and immediately taken by many people. A scene to the water pipes could evolve in most large cities in our culture and more and more people joined this trend. The water pipes smoked today mostly by young adults and could establish itself also already fixed. Some experts also argue that the water pipes are the first global heritage and can make an important contribution for the convergence of civilizations.