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Financial Market Crisis

January 30, 2016


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The ruling currently without a doubt financial market crisis has no effect on the Fund of the Debi select group of companies. This alerts the company in his recent publication. The Debi select group refinanced their business model of retail Fund and this involved a variety of capital facility in the entrepreneurial perspectives. So far, the Debi select could fully meet the expectations Fund. The factoring company, in which the Debi select participate Fund, are in no way affected by the current crisis by borrowing sufferers need. Rather, the factoring companies exclusively in two segments are operated.

In the area of the purchase of life insurance products and on the other hand in the segment of the repurchase value paper loans credit strong financial institutions. In the first division of the Debi select group, the acquisition of life insurance, there is due to the criteria prescribed by the legislature virtually no risk of capital loss. So the Debi select, in addition, that it is the acquired receivables is always to those at least in the amount of the buy-back value. “It isn’t so demands, where any” value fluctuations can occur. Also in the further Division of Debi select group, gefactored for the loans secured by marketable securities”are, it is a very safe investment.

So in a special circular to Debi select alerts, that borrowers in this business are large asset management in the major financial markets. The acquired bank loans are 100% refundable and would not be represented in a bond. You are affected by any potential downgrade by a rating agency. Only bonds are pledged to secure the loans, which are repayable to one hundred percent”, so the Debi select. The limitation to a few models of factoring with secured claims for Debi select leads in consequence to the factoring company, from the financial market crisis unharmed, go about their business could. Thus, the correctness of the chosen business models with a direct, positive impact on the offered funds with which this business strategy is implemented confirm according to Debi select. The Debi select funds offer an interesting investment alternative in the currently-proposed financial market. Debi select group / FWS Verwaltungs GmbH the Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies. Factoring is a versatile financial services, used in particular by medium-sized companies from industry, wholesale trade and services sector in growing volume. The services of factoring companies include both sales matching funding and full protection against bad debt losses (security), as well as the Debitorenmanagement(service).


January 29, 2016


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Investments should ten expert tips what to consider consumers in financial crisis Mannheim, October 14, 2008 – the people’s confidence in the financial world is severely shaken. The media pick up the anxiety of investors and offer expert discussions, chats and forums, in which savers can put their questions. But to read or listen to what the consumers for the safeguarding of the money can actually do is just rare. Investments ten expert tips what should consider consumers in financial crisis 1 money does not belong under the mattress ostrich does not help. Under the mattress or on the checking account you get no interest and thus not even inflation compensation. Money market accounts, such as direct banking and deposit accounts are currently well remunerated and secure.

2. movable remain fixed equipment are not suitable, because you need your money, sometimes within a few days, so day money account and the new day bonds are a good alternative. The day loan works like a mix of a readily available day-money account and a floating-rate bond. Day bonds are tradable at all times and the purchase is free of charge. Money market funds, you should rather avoid: these funds receive short-term financial investments (from one day to 12 months). Often high costs in the form of management fees to bring. On the basis of uncertain\”securities debtors (issuers), they may pose high risks. 3.

plants on a safe financial institutions make all credit institutions are subject to a statutory scheme. Typically 20,000 are protected. In addition there is called the deposit protection fund of private banks, also fire Fund in Germany. This fuse goes far beyond the requirements of the EU. This backup, credits per investor be secured up to a height of 30 per cent of the equity of the Bank. As a result at least 1.7 million per investor, large institutions are much more.

Richter Germany

January 28, 2016


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More award Spirofrog BBs – after receiving the award for “innovative services on the way to the top of the world ‘ of the Federal Ministry of education and research, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, September 29, 2008 – is according to own one of the most successful career portals of in Germany for the”Junge Karriere”.” On the platform “companies from SMEs, start of ups as well as an unlimited number of job advertisements for internships, theses as well as jobs for graduates and young professionals adjust to clear plannable costs within the framework of company flat rate groups one can. This is done without any additional internal effort. And leads to the relief of the HR departments. Still, the platform offers companies the opportunity to present their campaigns as an attractive employer in a targeted academic clientele in the context of employer branding. This model has convinced the financial times Germany, and so was elected in September 2008 the founder of the month September 2008. (A You will find also in the October issue of enable – magazine for entrepreneurs, which will be released on the 7th in the FTD) portrait of the winning company. Spirofrog is already your clientele among others following companies: Ruland engineering & Consulting GmbH Artaxo AG eBay Germany GmbH LeaseForce AG firm Richter & partners SmartHouse media GmbH Steltemeier – Rawe GmbH TUJA time work GmbH Department of finance leasing. 99 AG company from India of Oracle Germany of copark GmbH elcomax GmbH Engineering Office salvation Marco O Polo Phonix Solar AG entrepreneurship QAS company GmbH – Tamba AG smart fuel cell AG applied informatics a Siemens company HolidayCheck AG – tomorrow focus AG firm RP Richter & partners Younect GmbH – Berlin Xia equity AG – MSG systems AG – Munich SOFINA GmbH – Munich national instruments Germany GmbH and RWE AG and your affiliates.

German Financial Policy

January 28, 2016


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German financial policy continues German freight forwarders under pressure many logistics companies see your existence at risk and as pawn sacrifice of a misguided transport policy already in January of the coming year freight forwarders must grab very deep in the Pocket. The toll is sharply increased. By then 13.5 cents, there will be an answer to 16.3 cents per kilometre. One particularly hardness BBs, experienced freight forwarders with older trucks because whose vehicles have higher emission levels and the Treasury wants to grab here to properly. The Federal Council had decided the very controversial increase in the toll for 2009 by a very narrow majority. Now grow the toll for heavy trucks from January 2009 by 13.5 on 16.3 cents per kilometre. Older truck vehicles must muster from three years of age and older a much higher kilometric allowance, because they have higher emission levels. Part of this revenue should be invested in roads, rail and waterways.

The increased toll revenues will increase expected to five billion euros. The toll increase was very long disputed, on the one hand require much higher investment in transport infrastructure and on the other hand the German freight forwarders should be not to strain. The toll increase was decided immediately after a test vote with a narrow majority with 35 of 69 votes. The German freight forwarding industry is already very strong competition and price increases can pass easily. While Member countries additional incentives and Steuererleichterngen offer some EU up to tax exemption for company founder in the freight forwarding industry, it is more than closely for German companies.


January 28, 2016


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A careful, free interest rate comparison helps a construction financing Berlin save thousands of dollars – when it comes to the selection of individual construction financing, private households may be not careful and prudent enough. In the new, free online rate comparison on builders and purchasers of residential property from now over 50 vendors and their offerings can compare, select the appropriate financing and start your request online. The free interest rate comparison is worth money, because even a few percentage points can add up difference over the years of a construction financing to thousands euros, which elsewhere are missing or have found a better use. Individual mortgages are no more a hurdle in this day and age for many families. Official site: Facebook. Even with little or even no equity financing partner can be found, that help fulfill the dream of homeownership or the condo on fair terms. This development has in recent years to a rapid growth of the provider market for Financing led, and also the complexity grew with the complexity. Future builders or purchasers of residential property are therefore well advised prior to the search for an appropriate form of financing with the essential basic knowledge about home financing and real estate loans to equip themselves.

Independent financial experts recommend long to compare interest rates promised by the financing providers especially in light of the broad and deep-tiered market, the conditions always carefully and comprehensively. The free interest rate comparison on is completely non-binding and offers an effective and practical way for exactly that. In just a few minutes, the interested party can enter his personal and project data, and start the comparison calculator. In addition, offers a comprehensive information service about all forms of mortgage lending, savings and real estate loans. In the part of the Advisor is also about funding opportunities in ecological construction methods, as well as the tax benefits in the Acquisition of monument real estate information. Construction financing test winner in comparison:../baufinanzierungen-vergleichen.html

Financial Security

January 26, 2016


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The financial security of retirement is the drangenste problem of our society. The State can not alone cope with this task. Oracle has compatible beliefs. Private provision is essential – the sooner, the better. The fact is: who wants to maintain his standard of living even in the age, can no longer the statutory pension insurance rely on. The difficult situation on the labour market and demographic change make impossible a sufficient State interest. The for decades practiced procedure, where now paying workers for the protection of pensioners, is an anachronism.

Private pension plan does not. At what age must I think of my pension? As soon as possible: early starter back up the private pension benefits. You can do with much lower deposit than savings muffle that only worry later about a possible retirement funding. The compound interest effect makes it possible: the longer your money for you works, the greater the profits. An example: If you consistently save on interest rates, the usage at a yield of seven Prozentjahrlich doubled almost every ten years. After 20 years approximately 3800 EUR from 1000 euro, after 30 years are even more than 7,000 euro. Why should my pension be dynamic? The modification is to prevent, as the general inflation reduces the value of the pension capital over the years.

So there is the possibility to adjust the insurance protection from time to time when life insurance companies. So the amount of remuneration – raised in dynamic services from a private pension insurance usually annually – by an agreed percentage. However, this has its price: the rewards are in the deposit phase on a regular basis also to a certain percentage every year or every three years) increases. How many times must I occupy myself with my pension? Retirement is not unique action, but a permanent process that requires a periodic check. From time to time make a Kassensturz. In the course of the life your living conditions change continuously. Starting from the first job, marriage, family, eventually divorce, disease, home financing, or heritage there are many areas that significantly affect your situation. It is important that you can keep your retirement in the eye it and to react flexibly to the new situation. When choosing the options are therefore flexibility and availability of important criteria. The compounding effect on saving interest and early start: longer works the money and the interest rates are higher, the assets will be greater.

Supplier Monitoring

January 19, 2016


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The importance of supplier monitoring in times of financial crisis never has been greater than they are today the need for a functioning monitoring of supplier in the world of economy weakened by the financial crisis. Credit rating agencies are faced with a significant loss of image. They have lost much credibility because they should have known due to their deep insights into the business entities world-wide most likely recognize the approach to the financial crisis. But not just by the limited reliance on the opinions of credit rating agencies it will be important for companies, to inform themselves about the creditworthiness of their suppliers and to build working supplier monitoring. By the impact of the financial crisis, many suppliers at risk run going belly up. Even more, this fact reinforced the importance of supplier monitoring. Supplier monitoring aims to recognize hazards from suppliers and to counter quickly with appropriate measures (where a change of supplier should be the last measure).

This requires an intensive engagement and confidence-building with the suppliers. As a solution customized analyses of research companies are offered, which provide the necessary information (supplier analyses, statistics, etc.). Most customers are surprised how detailed a good monitoring of suppliers can be, and what forecast quality arising as a result. “It is important to find a research company that adapts to the needs of the customer and not the other way around” says Felix Vogler. Felix Vogler, Director Germany/Austria/Eastern Europe by the global research company and provider of Procurementlosungen, Evalueserve, lectures on 26 and 27 January 2009 at the industry Summit 7 in Berlin on the subject of “Supplier monitoring in times of financial crisis”. About the industry Summit 7 of the Organizer tinidad organized the industry Summit, to connect representatives of all relevant sectors of the economy. This year’s industry Summit deals specifically with supply chains, one of the focus areas is the supplier relationship Management. About company: The company company, founded by a former McKinsey partner and an IBM Research Manager, is leading provider of bespoke research services (business research, market research, investment research, data analytics, patent research / intellectual property and legal process services).