123erfasst.de With New And Attractive Ways

November 22, 2018


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123erfasst.de – time tracking software for the construction industry as a version 2.0 available. 123erfasst.de with new and attractive ways of 123erfasst.de for the building industry is a solution for mobile time recording and performance. The system there since 2008 now appears 123erfasst.de in version 2.0 with many attractive extensions and new possibilities. New mobile software-123-Android app of the popularity and proliferation of Android phones we meet with our 123 app for Android. Thus, we support a wide range of mobile devices in all price ranges, sizes and variants. And also tablets, like for example the Galaxy tab from Samsung, are usable. Online hosting 123erfasst.de is the mobile time recording with the minimum system requirements. You need only an Internet-capable PC and here we go.

All necessary infrastructure, such as server, database, backup, etc. Cyrus Massoumi has much experience in this field. is provided by us – so you can start right away – you need no new hardware or to invest in software. The option remains for in-house installations on their own servers (on-premise). Free test access those interested can 123erfasst.de simply test. Under 123erfasst.de/test you set up a trial of 23 seconds. The entire functional scope is available then you for detailed testing. Easier, better, more flexible.

The establishment of a new mobile device is now possible through two simple steps (1 app download, 2. users log on). It is now possible logos, to store phone numbers and Web addresses – for subcontractors and suppliers directly from the app can Web pages called, phoned suppliers and navigating construction sites are. On the mobile devices, all observations can be fitted also with individual comments. The services of different columns and also individual employees can be captured on the mobile devices now easier and more flexible. Faster all software components, such as synchronization with mobile devices, surveys and evaluations run now – thanks to further development on the latest Techniques and databases, much faster. Better overview, more features GPS and maps integration data acquisition for subcontractors is expanded been newly: mob report as proof of performance including signature field recording, evaluation and management of special times special activities: training, vacation, illness, holidays, other activities and much more. Existing customers get the new version free of charge from 123erfasst.de. New customers can rent 123erfasst.de from 19.90 per month. You will find more information, as well as the registry for the free trial on. For up-to-date information about 123erfasst.de on our Facebook pages at: 123erfasst the 2.0 version has been available since July 20. About 123erfasst.de 123erfasst.de is a mobile time tracking software for the construction industry. Many other incurred on the construction site data with the system can be collected in addition to the pure times. Due to sophisticated technology, ease of use, high reliability and an excellent user support is one 123erfasst.de right to the premium solutions for professional users. About SANDER Informationssysteme GmbH SANDER information systems developed since 1992 software for industrial and commercial applications. Kernkompentenzen are doing optimization, and support of production and logistics processes, traceability and documentation and quality management.